A house explosion in Indiana that killed two people - second-grade teacher Jennifer Longworth and her husband John Dion Longworth - and leveled many homes is now being investigated as a possible criminal homicide.

The blast occurred just over one week ago and left the Indianapolis neighborhood shaken, damaging 80 homes outside of the several that were completely destroyed. Now, police say that clues point to the potential that someone may have sparked the blaze on purpose. Authorities are now looking for a white, windowless van that sources say was in and out of neighborhood for three weeks leading up to the incident, some saying they saw the vehicle right before the explosion.

Cops acknowledged they do know more about the van than they're letting on, but that they don't want to reveal the information before they get the public to confirm it. They're also trying to locate any surveillance video in nearby businesses that captured the van leaving the neighborhood the day of the fire.

Many are questioning possible involvement of the homeowners. The couple that owns the house is divorced, and the ex-wife currently lives there with her boyfriend and daughter. None of them were home at the time of the explosion. The ex-husband told police that the daughter said to him a few weeks ago that the furnace was broken and she had smelled gas in the home; the ex-wife, however, said that her boyfriend had fixed the problem. Police have also discovered that the woman's boyfriend has an extensive criminal record, as well as severe financial problems.

The couple who owns the house filed for bankruptcy recently, and lawyers say the two remain horrified at the whole event and the loss of life that occurred.

Doug Aldridge lives in the area and heads up the neighborhood's crime watch. He spoke with Fox News host Shepard Smith on Tuesday and weighed in on events of the last week, saying that while he doesn't want to "assume anything" about his neighbors, "we know very little about the boyfriend."

"I think the residents are sad, they're unhappy, and [...] now they're mad," he said, adding, "Saturday night, you know, we heard everything from an airplane had crashed, to a drone missile hit a house..."

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