While Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has indicated that a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza militants is imminent, Naftali Bennett, former chief of staff to Benjamin Netanyahu, said that’s not yet true during an appearance on America’s Newsroom moments ago. “Right now, we’ve got thousands of soldiers on the border ready to go in order to defend ourselves from the rain of missiles that’s been hitting our cities.”

Word of Hillary Clinton’s trip to Israel is good news, but Bennett stressed, “The only acceptable result of this situation is a total dismantle of the ability of Hamas to shoot more missiles on Israeli cities.”

Bennett said they’ve made some progress toward that goal. “We’ve taken out hundreds of missile launchers and a tremendous amount of infrastructure, terror infrastructure. Also, fortunately, the head of the terror organization was killed.” Bennett fears that if a ceasefire is reached, it will only take Hamas a few days to reorganize and begin shooting again. “We either have to go in and clean it up or demand a dismantling of the Hamas.”