1:00p ET Update: In his latest report on America Live, Vittert said Israeli troops appear to be preparing to cross the border into Gaza. He said soldiers are simply waiting for the "go" order as resources continue to build up at the border.

According to reports, Israel may be just hours away from launching a ground war against Gaza militants. Fox News Channel’s Leland Vittert is reporting live from southern Israel where militants have launched over 1,000 rockets. This as Israel continues airstrikes against Gaza, which have killed more than 80 Palestinians, a number of whom were children.

Vittert showed us firsthand the terror associated with one of these rocket strikes. While shooting at a school that had previously been hit, sirens starting blaring indicating another strike

and Vittert was forced to run for cover. “Those seconds when the sirens are going off are just awful. You can see the anxiety on everyone’s face in here. Knowing that you have no idea what’s going to happen next,” Vittert said breathlessly after arriving in the shelter.

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