Thousands gathered for President Obama’s historic visit to Burma. The previously isolated nation has been moving towards democracy after decades of military rule and repression. Fox News’ Wendell Goler is traveling with the president, who is now in Cambodia. He reported that the White House is going to great lengths to note that the trip was not a victory celebration, but rather an encouragement for the country to keep going down the path of democracy.

President Obama referred to the country as Myanmar in a meeting with President Thein Sein. Aides say

he did this out of courtesy, as the U.S. policy remains to use the namesake Burma. President Obama said in his speech, “The flickers of progress that we have seen must not be extinguished, they must be strengthened.”

The human rights situation in Cambodia is thought to be worsening. The meeting between President Obama and Cambodian leader Hun Sen was reportedly tense. Hun Sen expressed a wish for closer economic ties, while President Obama explained that’s not possible until the human rights conditions improve.