Two North Carolina boys thought they lucked out by being chosen to take part in a half time contest at an East Carolina University football game. Little did they know they were in for an even bigger surprise when their Marine father arrived home for the first time in five months!

Gunnery Sergeant Josh Ricafrente, and eight and ten-year-old sons Elijah and Noah, joined Fox and Friends this morning to talk about the special moment.

Ricafrente is so happy to be able to spend the holidays with his family, saying, “I’m very thankful to be home for Thanksgiving. I was glad to make it here for that. That was a big goal of mine to hopefully be back in time for the holidays.”

Little Elijah recounted to Alisyn Camerota that his schoolmates are jealous of his newfound fame. “They were saying that ‘you’re lucky that you’re going to be on TV!’ And, they were like, ‘Come on, I really want to be on TV!’”