As the fighting continues between the Israel and Gaza border for the fifth day straight, countries including Egypt are trying to come up with a ceasefire solution. The Israeli ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, sat down with Shannon Bream today on America’s News HQ.

Despite the success of the Iron Dome in Israel, there are still many challenges. “Hamas remains

a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel,” Oren said. He added, "There's no sitting down and negotiating with these people. They shoot at us, they got to know that Israel is going to take all necessary and legitimate to defend ourselves.”

While he says it's difficult to strike a deal with Hamas, Oren went on to say that with international help, “We hope that Hamas will back down, that Hamas will accept arrangements to ensure that they will never again fire at our population and paralyze the country. And again, we live in a tough neighborhood but we’re a resilient and robust country.”