Hundreds of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are joining in the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy. As part of a non-profit group called Team Rubicon, they apply military experience and training in order to better assist victims in disaster areas. Bringing order to chaos greatly helps those living in disaster areas, but also gives veterans something they may be missing when they return home – a sense of belonging through service.

Fox News reporter Anna Kooiman spoke to the co-founder of Team Rubicon, Jake Wood. The 29-year-old veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan told Kooiman, “These veterans are not liabilities in their communities. They’re assets.

They have the ability to rise up and participate in leadership roles in the community and […] bring a lot of good into this country when we’re desperately in need of good leadership and progress.”

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Team Rubicon began nearly three years ago after the Haiti earthquake and has helped in almost 50 disasters. Currently, they are focusing on The Rockaways in Queens, New York where some of the hardest hit homes are still reeling. Kooiman visited a woman living in that community who is experiencing firsthand the help of Team Rubicon’s hard work and kindness.

Homeowner Mariann Smith lives alone and became emotional when describing what she’s been through. Smith rode out the storm and lost several of her animals. She may not have power until Christmas, but described the volunteers as a “godsend.”

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