Fox News correspondent David Lee Miller was reporting near the Israel-Gaza border where the situation is escalating. During the last several hours, Israel has continued to pound the Gaza Strip with more than 200 airstrikes. Among the targets were smuggling tunnels, the Hamas prime minister’s office and a police station.

The death toll has reached 45 Palestinians killed and at least 350 wounded. So far, three Israelis have been killed. In the past 24 hours, dozens of rockets have been fired into Israel. A newly installed missile defense system, the Iron Dome, shot down the rocket aimed at Tel Aviv.

It has about an 85 percent success rate.

Hamas militants are using propaganda, releasing a video message in Hebrew that is aimed at Israeli audiences. In the message, a Hamas spokesman talks about resuming suicide attacks and threatens Israelis that they are coming.

The prime ministers of Egypt and Turkey as well as the emir of Qatar are reportedly meeting to come up with some kind of ceasefire.