President Obama is set to meet with congressional leaders today on Capitol Hill to try to iron out some sort of a deal in order to keep the country from plummeting off the fiscal cliff. The deadline looms, falling on January 1, 2013. The president addressed the press to thank leaders for their efforts in advance, outlining what he hopes will be accomplished, and giving Speaker John Boehner a friendly jab on what is his something-something birthday.

"I think we're all aware we have urgent business to do," Obama began, stating the mutual understanding for both political parties that they need to assure the American people that taxes won't go up on middle class families and that our economy remains strong.

"Folks are looking for - and I think all of us agree on this - action. They want to see that we're focused on them, not focused on politics here in Washington," he said, urging cooperation among both parties.

Just as he wrapped up, President Obama interrupted calls from the press to add one more comment.

"Oh, oh ... there is one other point I'd like like to make, my understanding is that tomorrow is Speaker Boehner's birthday," he said, seated next to a smirking Boehner. "We're not going to embarrass him with a cake, because we didn't know how many candles were needed," the president jabbed.