Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) joined Happening Now earlier to discuss General Petraeus’ testimony in the latest hearing on the Benghazi attack. Blunt reacted to Congressman King’s claims this morning that Petraeus testified that among the talking points prepared in the days after the attack was a mention of terrorism, but that there was a decision to downplay that information in the September 13 briefing.

Blunt said that while he and King would have been in different briefings given that he is in the Senate and King is in the House, “I do recall the general making the points, the four points that he reminded us that he made,

and one of them was likely terrorist involvement here, and some planning that went into the events that happened. But he also thought at the day there was a demonstration from some public reporting that turned out not to be right. But I do think he told the committee the things that he’s suggesting today.”

When asked by Jenna Lee if he believes there was an official change in the talking points regarding the attack or if people individually decided to de-emphasize certain talking points over others, Blunt said, “Well, that’s going to be something that we need to find out. What is the chain of information here? Who had it and at what point did these talking points change?”