Last night on Hannity, it was Sean taking on former Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee on the current unemployment picture and the economy in general.

The contentious debate came on the heels of a sharp rise in weekly claims for unemployment, which was reported Thursday by the Labor Department.

Despite the official report blaming the sharp increase (to 439,000) on claims being filed by those affected by Hurricane Sandy, Hannity pointed out two of the biggest

jumps happened in Ohio and Pennsylvania a week after Election Day.

"Coincidence?" Hannity asked, later pointing out the economy has not created any net new jobs since Obama took office.

Goolsbee argued that is a product of the recession brought on by the policies of George W. Bush.

"You're right, that's the worst recession in 75 years. Are you blaming the president for the recession? It started before he was even there," Goolsbee said.

Hannity then pressed Goolsbee for a date when the Obama administration will begin taking responsibility for the country's economic problems.

"Will you write down a date when you guys are going to stop blaming Bush? Just write it down," Hannity said.

Watch the full discussion: