Earlier, we brought you a clip of Megyn Kelly's exclusive interview with Congressman Peter King (R-NY), in which the representative discussed General Petraeus’s testimony today on the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Of particular interest was the talking points on the attack as prepared by the CIA.

According to King, the CIA’s original talking points specifically mentioned Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda’s involvement in the attack. “[The talking points] left the CIA, went through a whole process, which I believe included the White House, and when the talking points were finalized, all the references to Al Qaeda were taken out, and it was put in almost as an afterthought saying there were indications of extremist involvement in the demonstration,” King said.

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  • The primary question at hand, according to King, is who changed those talking points and why.

    “If I had to presume, I’d say it was somebody in the administration had to have taken it out, because it was nobody in the Director of National Intelligence Office, nobody in the CIA that did it. So, it was someone else that did it. And I doubt if the State Department or the Defense Department or the Justice Department would be involved in taking that out,” he said.

    "Mr. Chairman, that's unbelievable to me," Megyn Kelly blasted back, "...that you have all these officials on something this important and no one's able to tell you ... [or] any of these other lawmakers on Capitol Hill who removed the Al Qaeda references from the talking points that would be delivered to the American people, there's been no accountability by the folks who answer to us, we the people, through you, our representatives?"

    King also talked about the video camera that was monitoring the consulate while the attack was underway.

    He said one thing that struck him the most in the footage involved the Libyan security guards placed in their vehicle at the front gate of the consulate, providing protection for the U.S. ambassador and his staff. About 20 seconds before the attack began, King said, the vehicle took off.

    Watch the full interview below: