We’re learning more about the victims of Thursday night’s horrific train crash in West Texas. Investigators say a freight train slammed into a flatbed trailer carrying a number of veterans and their families to a banquet. Four servicemen died and more than a dozen other people got hurt.

The family of one of the victims, Army Sergeant Joshua Michael, says the Purple Heart recipient pushed his wife out of the way, possibly saving her life. Other witnesses say they saw people panic and jump from the parade float.

An eyewitness tells Casey Stegall that as the second float in the parade made its way across the train tracks, the lights started flashing and the gates came down. Raylan Barton said, “It was at least half way across. As it came down it started hitting some people, and knocking people off. People started screaming, people started jumping and it was chaotic.”

The NTSB has not yet determined if the signals were properly working at that intersection.