Leland Vittert reported live from Israel where air raid sirens were blaring following a Hamas rocket strike. Two hundred rockets have come down in the country in the past 18 hours. Locals have been ordered to stay close to a number of public bomb shelters. Vittert showed us video from earlier in the day when he and a number of Israelis rushed to take cover while waiting for a rocket to hit. “And now we wait. Those awful seconds that everyone in this part of the world knows what it’s like to wait. As the missile’s coming in, you know it’s here, the question is where will it hit.”

This violence comes just one day after a top Hamas commander was taken out during an Israeli airstrike. At his funeral today, his mourners were chanting that they want to kill in the name of God and that the enemy would bear the consequences.

Despite the fact that Egypt’s prime minister plans to visit Gaza, Vittert says, “It seems almost inevitable that we are heading towards war.”