Moments ago, Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Saxby Chambliss joined Special Report to describe what happened during today’s hearing on the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

According to Chambliss, participants were able to get a sense of the attack in real-time through a compilation of video captured from various cameras on-site. Chambliss categorically said that it was “very clear from day one this was a terrorist attack.”

“It’s just so obvious … it’d be obvious to any inexperienced individual that this was purely a terrorist attack.”

Chambliss addressed Susan Rice’s assertion in the days following the attack that the attack was in response to an anti-Islam video rather than a terrorism, saying, “What Susan Rice said was exactly what President Obama told her to say.”

The senator said he was looking forward to General Petraeus’ testimony Friday because the general had recently been to Libya and could provide perspective on what’s going on on the ground there. Chambliss also addressed claims made by Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell, that the CIA may have been holding several Libyans in the CIA annex. He said those claims were untrue and that the “CIA had no authority in September or in the months before that to hold any prisoners.”

According to Chambliss, there will be more hearings – one of which will be public. “This is too critical an issue – we’ve got four dead Americans […] The American people deserve to hear it in a public hearing.”