She’s the woman who sparked the investigation that took down CIA Director David Petraeus. So, who is Jill Kelley?

Jonathan Hunt took a look at the Tampa socialite’s background, telling us that the 37-year-old’s family was originally from Lebanon. Kelley grew up in Philadelphia and moved to Tampa, Florida after marrying a surgeon. There, she frequently hosted lavish parties attended by generals and politicians. According to court records, Kelley’s current home is in foreclosure, and at times, she and her husband have run up debts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While we haven’t yet heard from Kelley directly, her brother David Khawam said of his sister, “If you know my sister the way I do, she is number one a mother. She has three little kids. She is number two a wife. Ok? So after that, everything else is just is a side attraction, basically.”