In what is Judge Andrew Napolitano's seventh authored book to date, 'Theodore and Woodrow,' the Fox News senior judicial analyst takes a look back at two United States presidents whom he says carry much of the weight for increasing our nation's "bloated bureaucracy" and the idea of big government involvement.

"[Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson] couldn't stand each other, one was a Republican, one was a Democrat ... [but they] shared the common idea that the Constitution wasn't the supreme law of the land but a guideline," he said, adding that once in the White House, they believed the commander in chief could then do anything he wanted.

This was, according to the judge, the beginning

of the era in which the federal government would have a personal relationship with individuals, and in return, a dependency would be created on the government on the part of those people who would then always want to vote for progressives so they would give them a bigger piece of the pie.