The scandal surrounding former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus deepened overnight, with news that the top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, had inappropriate communications with a woman linked to Petraeus. reported that Allen was emailing extensively with Jill Kelley.

Kelley is the woman who originally notified the FBI when she received threatening emails from Petraeus' mistress Paula Broadwell, and that investigation later uncovered the affair.

It is unclear what Kelley and Allen were communicating about, but officials told Fox News there is a "distinct possibility" that it is connected to the Petraeus situation.

Laura Ingraham was on Fox and Friends this morning to give her take on the shocking scandal. First and foremost, she questioned how Allen had time to send all of these alleged emails given his role as the top general in Afghanistan.

"Can we just talk about the fact that we have maybe 70, I believe last count, insider attack deaths in Afghanistan and we apparently have the commanding general in Afghanistan with so much time on his hands that he's able to send thousands of emails?" Ingraham said.

"That is so disturbing. When we have these men and women, and I've visited them at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval, sat with their families as they're being taken off respirators and later lose their lives at age 19 or 20. I find this to be appalling."

She went on to speak about what she believes President Obama knew about the Petraeus affair and when, and how it could have affected the election if it did come out earlier.

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