The group that oversees high school hockey teams says that since singing the National Anthem live at every game takes time, which costs money, the teams should consider omitting the tradition from the games.

The hockey league commissioner sent the letter suggesting skipping the anthem to 183 high schools in central and west Pennsylvania, and it didn't take long before his inbox filled up with responses.

However, the commissioner says the

request wasn't due to a lack of patriotism.

"The National Anthem should not be played only because of time constraints, okay? Ice is very hard to get, okay? And it's not cheap. We're talking 300 dollars an hour sometimes," said Ed Sam, PIHL Commissioner.

However, that reason doesn't hold water for many parents and critics, who say there must be some other way to make up the funds used to keep the tradition alive. "I don't agree with it, I think it's a bad policy," said one frustrated mom.

"I think it's something that should be done as a part of our history, our country," said another critic.