With Gaza militants firing more than 100 rockets at Israel in recent days and Syrian mortar shells landing in an Israeli base, how close is the country to getting involved in a regional conflict?

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman joined Happening Now to provide perspective. Gillerman warned that there’s only so much more Israel can take before the country will retaliate. He said, “Patience is running out. Israel every day, I think, feels more and more like a villa in a jungle. We have hundreds of rockets being launched at schools and kindergartens and homes in the south. We have Assad butchering over 30,000 civilians and slaughtering his own people in the north.”

He stressed that the country is already showing more patience than any other country in the world would, but said, “Israel will have to retaliate, and when it does it will be strong, it will be swift, it will be very, very, very effective.”