John McAfee, the founder of the anti-virus computer software that bears his name, is now a wanted man. Police in Belize have named him as a “person of interest” in the murder of his neighbor. Now, law enforcement believe that he is on the run.

Trace Gallagher reported the strange details surrounding the case. McAfee sold his company in the 1990s for $100 million and moved to a small island off the coast of Belize. He apparently went there to help the poor, but many who have visited him since the move say that he got involved in guns, drugs, and prostitution.

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McAfee apparently had vicious dogs that would often charge people on the beach, drawing complaints from many including from his neighbor. The dogs were found poisoned to death last Friday night, and the neighbor, Gregory Faull, was found shot to death on Sunday morning. The murder weapon matched one of the guns that John McAfee had.

McAfee has contacted Wired Magazine claiming innocence. He believes that he was actually the target of the killer, and is now hiding out.