Chris Janusis was interviewed last week by Fox News in Staten Island, New York, amid the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. This morning on America’s Newsroom, he was live in the New York City newsroom to discuss the current situation.

At least 150,000 people remain without power in N.Y. and N.J. two weeks after the storm hit.

Janusis said today that FEMA put a “restricted use” notice on his house, but he explained that no one from FEMA went inside to do an evaluation of the damage.

“They just walked up to my house,

stuck a sticker on the door and walked away.”

Janusis said the sticker means that FEMA believes the house can be fixed, but that the residents should not occupy the property right now. He expressed frustration at the federal response, saying people are not getting any answers to their questions.

To make matters worse, Janusis describes a response from the Red Cross that hasn’t been much better.

“The Red Cross comes by. I’ve heard stories of people getting batteries that don’t work, flashlights that don’t work. One of my neighbors received a whole box of granola bars that was moldy,” he said.

Watch the full interview: