Leading up to the election, some pollsters were predicting that Mitt Romney would be the winner. With President Obama taking Florida today, the final electoral count comes in at 332 for Obama and 206 for Romney. Pollster Frank Luntz appeared on America’s News HQ to answer what changed between the final polls and Election Day.

It turns out that the published polls that the Romney campaign and the Republican establishment were discrediting were accurate, acknowledged Luntz. Republicans in the Senate were supposed to gain seats according to the establishment pollsters, but they actually lost seats.

Luntz said, “Before you criticize the Romney campaign, just remember this:

Mitt Romney actually ran ahead of virtually every one of those Republicans who lost. This is a bad day for establishment pollsters and it’s something that they should be held accountable for. You have to tell your clients the truth and you have to be accurate.”

To miss so many states should cause outrage, said Luntz, adding that key battleground states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania were never in favor of Romney.

Luntz reviewed very telling exit polls that showed how the Obama campaign’s message reached the American people far greater than Romney’s message. Check out his analysis below: