Did you ever think that your one vote doesn't really matter in the final tally of an election?

Well, that thinking may cost a candidate in Kentucky the race for a seat on the city council.

Robert McDonald, running for election in Walton, Ky., near Cincinnati, saw his race end in a tie, 669-669, and he later revealed that his wife never went to the polls.

He said, though, that it was actually his fault because he was supposed to wake her up from an afternoon nap so she could go cast her ballot. Instead, he let her sleep. He said she works nights at a hospital, goes to school and takes care of three kids.

McDonald said his wife woke up just before the polls were going to close and wanted to rush out to vote. But he told her not to worry about it, telling her one vote wasn't going to matter. The race will now be determined by a coin toss.