The struggle is continuing for residents of coastal communities in New York and New Jersey a week and a half after Hurricane Sandy brought a devastating storm surge and destructive winds to the area.

Yesterday, Bill Hemmer spoke with a Staten Island, New York resident, who said he has been mobilizing volunteers to go out and try to help people clean up. The man said he had not seen a FEMA vehicle in a week.

Today, Hemmer spoke with a resident of Broad Channel, a coastal neighborhood of Queens, New York, who told

a similar story of the desperation of many people who are staying in their heavily damaged homes without power or heat, and in some cases without running water. The town is not far from Breezy Point, where nearly 100 homes burned to the ground during Sandy.

William Boden said the storm surge was so high it destroyed cars, so residents can't drive anywhere. He expressed disbelief that people are not receiving the basic help that they need.

Boden said his family is lucky enough to be staying with his sister, but so many others don't have anywhere to go.

"We lost everything. ... There's six of my family, six homes were affected. Breezy Point to Rockaway to Broad Channel. We're all at my sister's house in Merrick, Long Island. There's 25 of us crammed here, sleeping on floors and doing what we can to survive. It's just horrible. There's no one to help us. We're on our own," he said.

Watch the emotional story: