Yesterday, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little confirmed that on November 1, an unmanned U.S. drone was fired upon by Iran. The incident happened over international waters, about 16 miles off the Iranian coast. The drone was not hit, and returned to base safely.

Now questions are being asked about why this incident was not disclosed until a few days after the presidential election. It comes on the heels of the criticism leveled at the Obama administration for its handling of the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the reasons that officials initially provided for the terror attack.

On Hannity last night, Michelle Malkin said

the timing of the news "stinks," but argued that it's consistent with the way the Obama administration has consistently acted over the past four years.

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  • "This has always been the Obama way. They accuse the Republicans incessantly of voter suppression, but these people have been responsible for massive, collective, systemic truth suppression," Malkin said.

    She also questioned whether any "lapdog" media outlets were informed of the Iran incident and agreed to keep it under wraps until after Election Day.

    "I would like to know were there any outlets that were informed of this and then told to keep it quiet? The same way we know that many journalists were apprised of Benghazi and kept quiet about it to serve this campaign's needs before the election. People's blood should be boiling. I think we just have to redouble our efforts to shed sunlight on these matters," Malkin said, adding that the Obama administration consistently puts its political interests over the national interest.

    Watch the full discussion:

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