Mike Huckabee stopped by America's Newsroom this morning, discussing the upcoming negotiations that will take place between Democrats and Republicans on a new taxes-and-spending plan to avert the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has expressed optimism that a deal can be reached, saying this week that he is the "most reasonable, responsible person here in Washington" and that the president knows the two can work together.

The former governor said Republicans have to realize that they're not going to get everything they want in these negotiations, and that President Obama has a clear advantage after Tuesday's election results.

"We didn't win the elections, didn't get the Senate. We have to accept the hand that's been dealt to us. And if this were a poker table, you've got to understand that you don't get to take something off the table unless you put something on the table," Huckabee said, adding, "The president has, frankly, the biggest hand starting this poker game."

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