Attention, Fox News Viewers -- are there any 'Hannity' fans out there? Okay, we know there are.

And that's why we created 'Hannity Live' for folks like you! You can get there by heading to on your tablet, smartphone, or computer during the 'Hannity' show, weeknights at 9p ET. When you get there, you'll get an exclusive LIVE feed from the control room, where the show’s producers will post videos, articles and slideshows related to what Sean and his guests are talking about, all in real time. Not only is it really cool to look at, it's also the place to join up with other fans nightly.

You can use features like ‘Hannity’s History Exam’ to test your show IQ, as well as take part in exclusive flash polls. Plus, get exclusive photos and videos from backstage or out on the road. Hannity Live goes where Sean goes! You'll also be able to read special updates from Sean himself during the show’s commercial breaks and get his quick take on what just happened on air! Some of his regular guests are sure to chime in as well…

So, tune in to Hannity weeknights at 9pm ET on Fox News Channel, and point your internet browser to Hannity Live. It’s fun, it’s live, and it’s free.