An emotional resident of Staten Island, New York, spoke by phone with Bill Hemmer on America's Newsroom this morning, pleading for authorities to do more to help people whose neighborhoods were destroyed last week by Hurricane Sandy.

Vincenzo Gennaro spoke to Fox News the morning after a nor'easter brought high winds mixed with snow and freezing rain to the New York area.

He said he has been working around-the-clock since the storm hit, trying to help people in Staten Island. Many residents are being housed in

local high schools, with some so full that officials brought people to stay at a local hospital to ride out Wednesday's storm.

Gennaro also gave out information about how people in need - not only in Staten Island but in other New York City areas - can contact him. He said he has a group of about 2,000 volunteers who are helping as many people as they can.

While he says he has personally not seen any FEMA vehicles in the past week, he said he is not necessarily asking for federal assistance.

"I'm not asking for anyone to come here and do our jobs. We are completely capable. We have the manpower, the skill, the drive, the will," Gennaro said, adding that "Obama got re-elected based on the response (to Sandy). What response?"

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