Fox News senior correspondent Eric Shawn appeared on America’s Newsroom to report on possible voting problems and voter fraud in the battleground state of Ohio.

Shawn detailed reports of broken voting machines and ballot scanners in addition to long lines and hours of waiting. He then explained that some voters arrived at their polling places only to be told they weren’t on the voter rolls — or worse yet, that they had already voted when they hadn’t.

In Hamilton County, the area that houses Cincinnati, two election judges — one Republican and one Democrat — were replaced after illegally

allowing unregistered voters to cast their ballots.

Shawn also pointed out how there are 205,422 provisional ballots yet to be counted in Ohio, which is more than double the difference (100,763) between the confirmed popular vote. For those who cast those provisional votes, there are still 10 days to contact election officials and claim eligibility.

For more about possible voting problems in Ohio, watch the video below.