After losing the Missouri Senate race to Claire McCaskill, Todd Akin delivered the following concession speech.

Thank you very much. Thank you very, very much. I sure appreciate your all coming out. I just -- thank you, thank you very much.

Well things don't always turn out the way you think they're going to. I just called Claire McCaskill and gave her congratulations because the way the numbers are looking, we've lost this race. Not what I expected. I always said, don't
trust those polls and that's been true.

But I also think that in the circumstances that we've all been through, that it's particularly appropriate to thank God.
He makes no mistakes and who is much wiser than we are. So I say, to God alone, be the honor and the glory regardless of how He decides to organize history.


(inaudible) a lot of thank you's here. I want to start bythanking my dear wife, Lulli, who's right here.


My wonderful family, to their faithful and true and my dear parents (inaudible) Akin. Dad's a 91-year-old World War II


I also need to say it's absolutely fantastic campaign team; it's the best campaign team I have ever had the pleasure to work with and it's absolutely countless fantastic volunteers and friends who have made commitments all over the state including
standing around in (inaudible).


It's also appropriate to thank the numerous prominent leaders who risked both their businesses and their reputations by standing with us and we remember them and thank them very much.

And then in addition, the tens of thousands who contributed to this race and the millions who have been praying for us. And
so I want to thank you all so much for your support.


I'm standing here tonight by the grace of God, but I wanted to introduce to you our supporters. I want to tell you who they
are, I want to tell you what they believe.

First, our supporters are not just in Missouri but they're really from all over America. They may appear to you as
(inaudible) average regular Americans, they're not part of any elite group and they're not particularly (inaudible). They are
people who worked hard, loved their families and sacrificed for -- for people with hopes and dreams.

They're the kind of people that, you know, hold the door for you at a restaurant or a gasoline station. They'd give you
the shirt off of their backs.

When no one's looking, they do the right thing. When a neighbor's hurting, they are there (inaudible). So, they know
that we all make mistakes and they're slow to anger, they're quick to say they're sorry and quick to (inaudible).

These people struggle with the hard knocks in life. They (inaudible) a lot of people when you're campaigning and you're
serving in government come up to you and say well you have a --you have a difficult job and they -- they -- they give you all
kinds of accolades. But families live through campaigns. Families are part of the public service of a public official and
I'm so grateful for their support over and over again, year after year. Marina for example...


... she has only known since the time she was born and campaigns and -- and me running for office and me serving in office. She was born in my first campaign in October of 1996. In all these years, she's known nothing but that and I'm so grateful for her help and Elise and Caroline and Julia and again, Marina.


I have...


... as you can see behind me, I haven't named everybody on the stage, I'm about to do that. No, I won't do that but I do
want to thank my family in so many other ways, all of my brothers and sisters who are here, their -- their spouses, especially my mother tonight who is with us. I want to thank her.


No my mother's been through a number of campaigns and one night or one day, actually, at my house, we were in my kitchen,
we were talking about the campaign and talking about fundraising, unfortunately. And she reached into her bag, very quietly took out a checkbook, took out a pen and wrote me a check right there. So that's when you know that your mother's backing you up.


So I'm so grateful. I'm almost done with my list, some of them in the back of the room I might get to you next.

But I did want to thank in a very special way, our supporters. So many people here in this room tonight and your
families for what you have done for me, not just in this campaign, but maybe most especially in this campaign, all the work that you did, all of the events that he had -- hundreds and hundreds of events to be able to compete in a tough race.

I'm grateful for that support. I'm grateful for all the volunteer hours that people put in, knocking on doors, making phone calls, telling their friends and neighbors and family to get out to vote, so important to our victory tonight.

I know that there are various members and leaders of organized labor here tonight but I know Rick Bloomingdale is here from the AFL- CIO, I want to thank him for his great leadership and for the men and women of labor.


And I could go on and on but I won't, but there's one person I do want to cite for commendation and gratitude and that's someone that you saw on television who was talking aboutsome of the work that I've done in the last couple of years inthe Senate. She's here with her husband, Scott, and that's Cheryl Harris. I want to thank her for her support...


... for what...


And I guess in a broader sense, I want to thank her for the contribution and the -- the awesome sacrifice that she and her
family have paid for the country. Thank you, Cheryl, for that great sacrifice.


I want to end tonight with just a couple of thoughts about our-- our Commonwealth and our country. We know that right now,we're still in a recovery. Jobs are being created at a faster rate, but not fast enough -- not fast enough. We're in a -- in a region, Northeastern Pennsylvania right now where the unemployment rate is far too high. It's the highest in our Commonwealth. So every time we talk about progress, every time we talk about momentum and to celebrate that and to recognize that.

A lot of that -- a lot of that assessment, is -- it should be informed by the reality that people's lives are today. So
many people in our state, so many people in this region still living lives of struggle and sacrifice. And we've got to make sure that as we begin a new Congress, as we being to -- to deal with the issues of the economy, job creation, getting our fiscal house in order -- whatever it is that we've got a prioritize, we've got to remember those families.

The job of putting this country back to work is not yet done and as a member of the United States Senate who's just
reelected, I know that's still going to be my number one obligation. We have a lot of work to do when we go back.

And we also know that -- that the middleclass families are still struggling, too many costs are -- are high for them
whether it's paying for college, whether it's fighting through this recession, for all of the other pressures that they have, we have to make sure that when we go back to Washington, we sit down, both parties, to work together to make sure that we ensure that middle income families can have some measure -- some measure, some peace of mind as they move forward because this
has been a very difficult economy for middle income families.

And then we can have a lot of debates about what happens to-- to folks at the higher end, but first and foremost, our priority must be middle income families and making sure that even as we're giving them a measure of peace of mind as we go
forward, that we're focused on bringing Democrats and Republicans together to avoid this fiscal cliff that's coming. I know we can. I know we must. And I know -- I know both parties understand that we have to work together to get that

And finally...


... and finally, just on the issue of bipartisanship, this has been a tough couple of years for our country. We've just lived through a very tough election year. There's still results unfolding tonight. But after this is over, after all the votes are counted in all these races, including the presidential race, we -- we have to come together as one country because this
country's been through a lot of tough times recently, but we've been through tough years before.

We've had very difficult years in our history, but at -- at those moments -- at those moments, we come together and bring not just both sides together, but bring our whole country together to create jobs and move the economy forward, to focus on -- on our fiscal challenges, to make sure that our nation security is always strong and to move forward as one family, the American family into the future.

We've got a lot of work to do, but I have no doubt and I have total confidence in our ability to do that in both parties,
but it begins tonight in the aftermath of a tough election.

I'm grateful for the vote of confidence that the people of Pennsylvania have given me. I'm so grateful to be with tonight
and I'm look forward -- looking forward to celebrate with you.

God bless you and thank you.

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