After yesterday’s vote, Colorado and Washington have become the first states in America to legalize marijuana, while Maryland, Maine and Washington voters have become the first to approve same-sex marriage by referendum before any action by elected officials.

Appearing on Fox and Friends this morning, Fox News’ William La Jeunesse explained the details of these measures and what they mean for the country.

“On one hand, this could be a watershed moment

that could lead to decriminalization across the U.S., reducing — many would argue — violence, jail time and an expensive drug war,” he explained of the legalization of marijuana in Colo. And Wash. “On the other,” he continued, “marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug — the sale, possession and production [of which is] a federal offense.” La Jeunesse then went on to describe how the federal government has ignored state law and shut down medical marijuana dispensaries in the past.

Same-sex marriage was also approved for the first time by popular vote (as opposed to state lawmakers and courts) in the states of Washington, Maine and Maryland. And, seeing as many states already have their own laws and amendments concerning same-sex marriage, La Jeunesse expects this issue to soon go before the Supreme Court.

For the rest of La Jeunesse’s report, watch the video below.

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