It’s time to pay up, Neil! Months ago, Larry Sabato predicted that the presidential election would be a very close one. Your World host Neil Cavuto wasn’t on board with that theory, instead insisting that the polls were underestimating Republican support.

Cavuto told Sabato back in July, “I think you’re wrong. I think you’ve done this for your entire life. I’ve read a prompter for much of my life. I think I know these things and this election will not be close, young man. And I am going to bet you a whole carton on Chunky Monkey.”

Flash forward to November 6th, 2012

and the presidential election came down to the battleground states. Polls leading up to Election Day were showing a virtual tie, and there was no clear winner until the last hour of the night when the state of Ohio was called in favor of President Obama.

Willing to admit defeat, Cavuto held up his end of the bargain and dished up his favorite ice cream – Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. So wait, how did it end up in the Your World staff’s hands?