This morning, Fox and Friends consulted with frequent contributor Frank Luntz, who broke down the campaign strategies of the Democratic and Republican Parties and how they affected the results.

“We got through this election realizing that Mitt Romney was a decent, moral, civil individual,” stated Luntz. “But what we did not hear from the Romney campaign is … why Mitt Romney himself would have done a better job,” which Luntz believes cost him votes in states such as Ohio, Colorado and Virginia.

According to Luntz, Obama ran one of the most negative campaigns he has ever seen, especially compared with the positive messages of hope and change they presented in 2008. He also agreed that the ads produced by the campaign contained false information about

Mitt Romney’s platform.

“There’s a lesson here for every campaign that goes forward,” Luntz warned. “If you are attacked, and if it is unfair, unjust or simply inaccurate, you had better respond immediately, or voters will assume that what is being said is what is true,” he said.

“In the end, the voter is the judge,“ he continued. “If the voter gets one-sided information, how can you blame them for the choices they make?”

Watch the segment below to see Luntz’s advice for future Republican candidates.