Political commentator and former presidential adviser Dick Morris, who earlier predicted Mitt Romney to win the presidential election in a landslide, appeared this morning on Fox and Friends to explain where he went wrong. Mainly, he said it comes down to Obama's large advantages among women, minority voters, and young people. (Check out Fox News exit polls for all the figures.)

“I think that the reason that the prediction that I made was wrong, is that I was criticizing the polling,” began Morris. “It reflected the same turnout model as there was in 2008. And I said that I thought that was a one-off affair, that it would not continue, and that it was not going to be the permanent turnout model of the United States. And I was wrong.”

Morris outlined how African-American, Latino, female and youth voters represent a larger percentage of the whole than in 2008, which he failed to take into account. “Unless the Republican Party fundamentally changes its appeal to those voters, it can never win an election,” Morris predicted of the future.

“If this candidate, in this economy, against this opponent, couldn’t win an election with this electorate, nobody ever can,” Morris later said of Romney and the election process in general.

To hear Morris’ entire commentary, watch the video below.