With freezing temperatures and another storm on the way, New Yorkers are becoming increasingly frustrated by the response to the devastation wrought last week by Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was confronted on the street yesterday in Brooklyn by angry residents, who cursed at him and pleaded with him for more help in the area.

"When are we gonna get some (expletive) help?" screamed one woman.

Watch the heated exchange below:

Megyn Kelly spoke with former mayor Rudy Giuliani about the response to the storm. Giuliani, who was mayor on 9/11, faulted President Obama for not leaving behind an adequate FEMA team when he left the area last week.

"(I understand) he is running for re-election, it's perfectly natural that he would have to pay attention to that. Here's what I criticize him for: he didn't leave behind a FEMA that's doing the job. As a mayor, you delegate to people. And then you're going to be judged by their performance, and their performance has been abysmal," he said.

Watch the full remarks: