Fox News' Eric Shawn shared reports of illegal voting coming out of the battleground state of Ohio tonight where, if the vote is that close, it's clear every vote counts.

An election official confirms with Fox News that the Hamilton County Board of Elections removed two election judges for allowing unregistered voters to vote.

Apparently, people entered the Pentecostal

church serving as the area's polling place and were allowed to sign the voting book and cast their ballots ... all without being registered or showing registration. The decision involved one Democratic judge and one Republican, and in a bi-partisan decision they were removed from their duties and replaced.

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In order to register, voters would had to have registered by October 9. It's also unclear whether or not it was just a handful who voted illegally or many, but officials are investigating. This could mean the election could get down to counting provisional ballots, which wouldn't even be counted until November 17.