This morning on Fox Business Network, Connell McShane spoke by phone with Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), whose legions of young and conservative supporters could have an impact on today's election.

Rep. Paul, who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination in 2008 and 2012, said he believes his supporters are "very frustrated and aggravated that we don't see an opportunity for voting to change the direction of the country."

Election Night:

He once again refused to disclose who he would vote for, saying it's not important. Paul expressed concern that the country has real problems that neither candidate has addressed, including on monetary policy and the growing national debt.

"When we look at the crisis that Greece just went through, it's probably nothing compared to what, I think, the world is going to go through when people reject the whole principle of fiat currency. (The idea) that you can create wealth out of thin air and you can bail out everybody. Nobody's really challenged that and it makes no sense whatsoever that you can do this. Even though it seems to some degree be working, it's done on pure deception and it can't last," said Paul.

Watch the full interview:

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