Radio host Laura Ingraham appeared this morning on Fox and Friends to give her take on today’s presidential election, the candidates, and the recent appearance of the New Black Panther Party at a Philadelphia polling location.

“That makes me feel really good about the process, so far, in Philly,” she sarcastically remarked.

One of Ingraham’s main talking points, however, centered on the role of the media in the 2012 election. “Regardless of who wins, this has probably been one of the most deplorable examples of

media cheerleading for one side,” she stated, explaining that the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi terrorist attacks and Hurricane Sandy would have been held under more scrutiny if he were a Republican.

“In the final weeks, the media will work overtime — double-time — to push the agenda for the left, and that’s precisely what is happening,” she added.

Hear all of Ingraham’s commentary in the video below.