Virginia is seen by many as the first major indicator of today’s election, a sentiment echoed by Larry Sabato of the UVA Center for Politics. “In a way, Virginia has become a … microcosm of the nation,” he stated on Your World, referring to the fact that Virginia’s voting margins were the closest to that of the national average after the 2008 election.

And though polls are set to close in less than three hours (7p EST), Sabato doesn’t think we’ll hear of a winner until

late tonight. “Unless there’s a big margin for one side or the other, this state could not possibly be declared before ten, ten-thirty, eleven, eleven-thirty.”

He also added that Virginia’s voters were turning out like never before, and some have reported waiting up to 5 hours to cast their ballots. “It’s going to be a record number, if not a record percentage,” said Sabato.

“I think Virginia is one that Obama could do without and still win,” he also stated, adding that “Governor Romney really does need Virginia.”

Watch Sabato’s entire segment below.