During tonight's continuous election coverage, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly brought in Bill O'Reilly for his commentary on the currently neck-and-neck race in many of the nation's battleground states that are too close to call.

O'Reilly cited exit poll data as giving insight to one possible source - Hurricane Sandy. He discussed the image plastered across the media of the president walking arm in arm with Gov. Chris Christie, the first Republican governor to endorse Romney. "It wiped the governor's campaign off the map for five days," he said, adding that for those five days he was nowhere to be seen in headlines or across the media.

Regardless of the fact

that Christie spoke out after some reporters questioned him on his allegiance, O'Reilly said, "it depends not on what is said behind a microphone."

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  • "It's not what is said, it's what is seen ... it's the picture that dominates," he said, adding, "That image of Hurricane Sandy overrode the Libya story ... he got more positive currency out of Sandy than negative currency on Libya."

    O'Reilly went so far as to say that if President Obama wins tonight, "Hurricane Sandy is one of the reasons."

    However, the host's predictions didn't stop there. He also weighed in on the importance of one battleground state - Ohio.

    "If Mitt Romney loses in Ohio, the president is re-elected."

    Watch the full segment:

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