Fox News can now project that Obama will win 72 electoral votes in the following states:

-Illinois, the president’s home state, a Democratic bastion and the largest electoral prize in the Midwest.

-Delaware, the home state of Vice President Joe Biden and another reliably Democratic stronghold.

-Connecticut, which has voted Democratic in the past five presidential elections.

-Maryland, home to a huge number of federal government workers.

-Massachusetts, Romney’s home state but a Democratic stronghold for generations.

-New Jersey, a state still reeling from the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy, where some voters had to cast ballots in National Guard trucks.

-Rhode Island, the smallest state in the nation, will vote Democratic for the seventh consecutive election.

The president will also win three of Maine’s four electoral votes, according to our analysis of Fox exit polls. Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly report that we will not know the fate of Maine’s fourth electoral vote until we begin to see the actual tallies from that state’s second congressional district.

Update, 10:17p ET: The last of Maine's electoral votes will go to Obama.

Fox can also project that Mitt Romney will win:

- Alabama, the Yellowhammer State, will stay red this time, the ninth election in a row.

- Mississippi, where Romney struggled with primary voters, will be solidly in his favor tonight.

- Oklahoma, which was the worst state for Obama in 2008 with just 34 percent of the vote, looks no friendlier this time.

- The District of Columbia, which will keep its perfect record of voting Democratic.