Iraq veteran Pete Hegseth, former Republican Senate candidate and CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, joined Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends this morning to give his take on the stark difference between the military endorsements for Mitt Romney, compared to President Obama.

In a full-page ad in today's Washington Times, 496 former generals and military commanders signed their names on an endorsement of Mitt Romney.

While there is not such a large disparity among active duty service members, Hegseth said that polls show Romney still has the support of a solid majority of those who currently serve.

He said the difference comes down to Romney "calling it like it is," especially when it comes to the war on terror.

"We need to be willing to call the enemy what it is. Think about it - if you're a general or an admiral and you're dealing with an administration right now that whitewashes the threat we've seen from radical Islamists. You want a commander-in-chief that will call it like it is, that will say, 'Hey, we were attacked in Libya, it wasn't an internet video,'" Hegseth said.

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