New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a press conference in Hoboken, NJ -- one of the hardest hit areas in that state during Hurricane Sandy. The storm left 2.7 million households without power statewide and almost one week later that number has dropped to under a million.

Speaking to those without power who may be watching from somewhere, Christie said, “I know that when I tell you we’re under a million people out of power from 2.7, that that does not mean a damn thing to you unless your power’s on. I get it

[…] we will not stop working until every last power is on.”

Christie went through what he is doing to help push power companies to continue working swiftly and also keep those in the dark connected with their power companies so they can anticipate when it will be restored.

Regarding the gas crisis, the governor stressed that there is no shortage. The problem, he explained, was that power went out for the refineries and pipelines, therefore gas could not be moved. Power has since been turned back on so fuel is being moved.

President Obama ordered earlier that 22 million gallons of gasoline be split between New York and New Jersey. This morning in Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Passaic and Monmouth counties there were National Guard tankers being moved to gas stations that have power but are out of fuel. Later today, Christie will update the public on which stations have gas so they can go there.