Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal prompted a heated reaction from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during a press conference on Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. He asked the governor about criticism he’s drawn by some in the Republican Party over his tour with President Obama of damaged areas and praise of the president’s commitment to helping the state recover. Leventhal said to Gov. Christie, “While people understand your commitment to the people of New Jersey and the need to get them help, some have questioned where you are now with your endorsement of Mitt Romney." Gov. Christie fired back, “This is the kind of silliness that, that really drives me crazy.{C}

Listen, I was the first governor in America to endorse Mitt Romney. I endorsed him 13 months ago, I traveled all around the country for him, I raised millions of dollars for him, I spoke at literally dozens and dozens of rallies for him. And I did that because I thought when I endorsed him that he was the best person to bring America back its jobs, its economy and its greatness in the world.” He maintained, “I still believe that today and I don’t understand why telling the president of the United States that he has done a good job when he has done a good job equals an endorsement."

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The New Jersey governor, known for always speaking his mind, added that Mitt Romney and President Obama both know that he supports Romney for president and will be voting for him on Tuesday. He added, "But it doesn't mean that I can't turn to the president of the United States of America and say to him, ‘thank you, sir, for providing good leadership in this crisis and for helping the people of New Jersey' and to extend my hand of friendship for him." He carried on, “This shows how broken our political system is -- because I say something nice about someone who does their job well, somehow […] that takes away my endorsement of Mitt Romney.” Gov. Christie said he will continue to work with the president, saying, “I got a job to do; my state has been damaged miserably by this storm and they expect me to work with everybody to get this job done.”