Senior correspondent Eric Shawn reported from Mansfield, Ohio about potentially fraudulent voter registration forms. The name Adolf Hitler appeared on a voter registration card and is among 200 names that officials in Hamilton County, Ohio believe are forged, fraudulent or duplicates.

The name was flagged by the company that submitted these names, Fieldworks. It’s a company based out of Washington D.C. that conducts voter registration and ballot drives across the country. They describe themselves as primarily working for Democratic and progressive causes.

Just last month, a 21-year-old man working for Fieldworks pleaded guilty by reason of insanity

on charges that he forged signatures on ballot petitions. Three Fieldworks employees have also been fired in Cleveland and there is another case going on in Cincinnati.

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Fieldworks defended its record in a statement to Fox News: “We have an employee who has reviewed every single card. We categorize the cards into the ones that are possibly incomplete, [and] we will flag things that look like they could possibly contain some issues of fraud and be potentially fraudulent. We have a high standard here, if we are not 100% sure of the card, we will flag it to the board of elections.”

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