Dave Briggs reported live from devastated Staten Island, New York, this morning on Fox and Friends. Five days after Hurricane Sandy, the area remains without power and at least 22 people died there in the massive storm. Residents are also clamoring for assistance, needing food, clean water, and clothes.

Briggs caught up with John Toto, who lost his home and restaurant, Toto's, in the enormous storm surge that Sandy brought to shore.

He explained that he had hurricane insurance on his restaurant, but he was told the damage from the storm surge won't be covered.

"In 30 years of business here I've never had one drop of water. We've had many, many, many storms. Irene last year, which pelted us with 13 inches of water. I never had a problem with water. This wasn't a flood issue per se, this was a tsunami issue. How do you prepare for something like that?" Toto said.

Watch the emotional interview: