Fox News reporters have been on the ground talking to many outraged Staten Island residents who say they are not receiving the help they need from FEMA and the Red Cross. Residents fear the death toll will rise dramatically because there are impacted areas that have not been searched yet.

Neil Cavuto said on Cost of Freedom today, “The reason why we’re going back to Staten Island and showing you is just that you might hear from officials at FEMA and the administration that everything is fine, that the teams are on the ground and they’re addressing this. The fact of the matter is it is not fine.

Take a look at what is going on in Staten Island -- that is not fine.”

He pointed out that texting and tweeting reminders to people who do not have power shows the folly of what is going on there. Cavuto added that with officials of all stripes patting themselves on the back, “it is little a mystery why so many of their constituents want to just give them a swift kick in the rear.”

One of those Staten Island residents is Maryanne Alessio, who spoke about the neglect she feels from Mayor Bloomberg, FEMA officials and others. Watch the clip below: