New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing much criticism for plans to use several massive generators to provide electricity for tents in Sunday’s New York City Marathon while thousands of New Yorkers continue to suffer without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The marathon is set to take place as scheduled even though first responders who have been working on the flooding and power outages associated with the storm, will now be diverted to cover the marathon.

Gretchen Carlson weighed in on Fox and Friends this morning saying that while everyone understands that the marathon brings revenue to the city, it doesn’t seem right to conduct a race amidst such devastation. She said, “On its face, when you still have people who are struggling so dramatically, who have not one stitch of clothing on their back, and now we’re going

to run into this dire situation with gas and food and flooding… And you see some of these parents who’ve lost their children in this, and you’re going to pretend like that’s not going on? You’re going to run a race around these people? You’re going to run a race around this flooding? Something’s wrong with that picture.”


Eric Bolling suggested, “You know what would be really nice? If the marathon donated all of the volunteers that were going to be working the marathon and helped get food and fuel to people who are in need right now. Maybe bring one of those generators or two out to Staten Island where literally bodies are floating in some of the bodies of water.”