The final week of the 2012 presidential campaign was overshadowed by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy as both candidates took a few days off in deference to the victims of the massive storm.

Every week, veteran campaign strategists Bob Beckel and Ed Rollins have sat down with Jon Scott on Happening Now to assess which candidate had the better week.

Both agreed that President Obama benefited

from being able to show leadership during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

"I think the storm played out well for (Obama). It froze Romney for a couple of days and he couldn't go out and campaign where he needed to. Obama was able to do his presidential thing, and I think that served him quite well," Beckel said, adding that Romney's "supposed momentum stalled two weeks ago."

Rollins conceded that President Obama had the better week due to the storm, but pointed out that Romney "did very well to hang in there" and the polls still show a "dead-even race."

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